Breast milk is best for your baby

Breast milk is best for babies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Unnecessary introduction of bottle feeding or other food and drinks will have a negative impact on breastfeeding. At around six months of age (but not before 4 months), infants should receive nutritionally adequate and age-appropriate complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond. Consult your doctor before deciding to use infant formula or if you have difficulty breastfeeding.

Abbott Singapore fully recognises breast milk’s primacy, value and superiority and supports exclusive breastfeeding as recommended by the WHO.

The content on this website is intended as general information for Singaporean residents only and should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice from your healthcare practitioner. The HPB recommends that infants start on age-appropriate complementary foods at around 6 months, whilst continuing breastfeeding for up to 2 years or beyond to meet their evolving nutritional requirements. If no longer breastfeeding, toddlers can switch to full cream milk after 12 months. This should be complemented by a good variety of solid foods from the four main food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, meat and alternatives). For more information on the nutritional requirements of infants and young children, please visit


Powder OrangeFor People With or At Risk of
Cancer-Induced Weight Loss


Slow Cancer-Induced Weight Loss#

In Singapore, 2 in 3 cancer patients experience cancer-induced weight loss.1

ProSure® has an energy-dense, high protein formulation enriched with 1.1g of EPA^ (an Omega-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil) per serving.


Strength To Fight.
Get Back To Life.

ProSure® has been studied in 21 clinical trials. It is scientifically formulated as a food for special medical purposes to help promote weight gain and build muscle, increase strength, enhance physical activity, and improve quality of life.

Available In:

  • Ready-to-drink 220ml (Vanilla)
  • 380g Powder (Orange)

Use under medical supervision.

Enriched with 1.1g of EPA (an Omega-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil) per serving (240ml). Studies have shown that 2g/day of EPA helps to attenuate cancer-induced inflammation2,3.
Energy dense (300 kcal/240ml) to meet the increased needs of cancer patients in a reduced volume.*
High protein (16g/240ml) to help build lean body mass, maintain strength.
Lower in fat** (6.1g of fat/240ml). Unique lipid blend with readily absorbed medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and no trans fat.
FOS and fibre to maintain the health of the digestive system.
Suitable for people with lactose or gluten intolerance.
With 28 vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin A, B6, B12, C & D support normal function of the immune system. Niacin & Vitamin B6 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

* Compared to Ensure Life with 240kcal/ 240ml
**Compared to Ensure Plus with 9.84g fat / serving

NUTRIENTStandard Dilution*
Per 100ml
Per 240ml Serving**
Energy (Kcal)126302
Protein (g)6.6515.97
Fat (g)2.566.15
EPA (g)0.441.06
DHA (g)0.130.32
Trans Fat (g)0.080.19
Carbohydrate (g)20.2848.68
Dietary Fiber (g)0.972.33
FOS (g)1.12.64
Taurine (mg)2048.1
Carnitine (mg)10.024.0
VITAMINSStandard Dilution*
Per 100ml
Per 240ml Serving**
Vitamin A (acetate) (IU)134323
Vitamin A (β-carotene) (IU)/td>7001681
Vitamin D3 (IU)68164
Vitamin E (IU)4.611.0
Vitamin K1 (mcg)1024.0
Vitamin C (mg)43104
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) (mg)0.250.61
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (mg)0.290.69
Vitamin B6 (mg)0.340.82
Vitamin B12 (mcg)0.501.19
Niacin (mg NE)2.55.99
Pantothenic acid (mg)1.102.64
Biotin (mcg)5.012.0
Choline (mg)51122.6
MINERALSStandard Dilution*
Per 100ml
Per 240ml Serving**
Sodium (mg)150360
Potassium (mg)200480
Chloride (mg)152365
Calcium (mg)148356
Phosphorus (mg)105252
Magnesium (mg)28.368.0
Zinc (mg)2.505.99
Manganese (mg)0.421.01
Copper (mg)74177
Iodine (mcg)16.038.3
Selenium (mcg)7.919.0
Chromium (mcg)10.024.0
Molybdenum (mcg)14.033.5

*Standard dilution is 312.4 g of powder brought up to 1 L with water.

** For a standard serving of 240 mL approximately, combine 75 g of powder (9 scoops or 2 sachets) with 189 mL of water.


Step 1

Pour 190ml of cool boiled water into a glass.


Step 2

Add 9 level scoops of ProSure® powder.


Step 3

Stir well and consume immediately.

Reminder: Use reconstituted ProSure® immediately, or cover, refrigerate and use within 24 hours.
Half Portion: To prepare half a serve, pour 95ml of cool boiled water into a glass and add 4.5 level scoops of ProSure® powder.

Recommended 2 servings/day. Consult your physician to meet your nutritional needs.

Try to drink ProSure® chilled, poured over ice or blended with ice.
Try to sip ProSure® throughout the day, rather than drinking a full glass/bottle all at once.
Add ProSure® to food, coffee, tea, cereal, ice cream and fruit.
If possible, take your medications with ProSure®.

Read more about the proper nutrition for people experiencing cancer-induced weight loss.